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I may have scabies? I don't know for sure tho.?

I may have scabies. I'm 15, a girl & my house is not clean nor dirty. It all started with this feeling of something crawling through my head. I got it checked by my aunt, she said there were no lice, but she did find white specs, all through my hair. At first me & my grandmother speculated that it could be just dandruff, but then my aunt checked it & found white specs, that she said looked like scabies. She knows what they look like, cause she used to work with old people, sit & sleep in their chairs, & she'd end up with the scabies. So when I took a bath, like my aunt told me too do, with hot water, & to just basically lay down in hot water, then proceed to dunk my hair under as well. I did, & as I was laying there, a bunch of white pecs started appearing, coming off of me, from my legs, my private area, my arms. Then I dunk my hair under the water, & it felt as if, bugs were crawling around, & coming out, like they were drowning. She told me to stay like this with my head under for about 5 minutes, which I did, then get out. She told me hot water or any kinda heat kills them, cause shes had them plenty of times before, & that just worked for her. So, I even took an extra precaution, by getting my blow dryer, setting it on hot, & blowing drying my hair. I even blow dried my skin, since I forgot to get towels from the other bathroom. I'm scared to use the ones in mine right now. But anyways, my head currently doesn't feel as if anything is crawling through it, which i'm hoping is a good sign. & also it wasn't really itching me before, well only a little, but nothing that would really come off as that big of a deal. It just felt as tho something was crawling through my hair. I am hoping to get an appointment with the doctors Monday, to see if I actually do have anything. It's the beginning of Summer for me, & my friends are having a party the 15th or 16th, & then i'm going camping around the 22 or 23, so this is really getting to me. I'm scared. When my aunt checked my head, she also said she found what looked to be two bites. So, I don't know. I'm basically just looking for other options for what I might have. & if it is scabies, the quickest way to get rid of them, before any of the party's or camping trips come up. I'm so sorry that this is so long, & thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this. I just really need some answers, or second opinions, cause this is just driving me nuts, So anything is appreciated. Thanks! :)

2013-06-08 21:20:59

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