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Pain in right side of body, from mid back (stomach area) to inner ear?

This has happened before, and usually it feels like a pinched nerve so I do yoga or stretch until I feel release. Another time my stomach was hurting along with my back and neck and that time I found out I had an ulcer(i took the medication for it already today). I also go to a chiropractor weekly, and went on Thursday and felt fine until last night. My inner ear also hurts, I've also had it before but it's more painful than it has in the past. I'm thinking they're all connected because I always get this pain on the right side of my body where my back is the most prominent and then my ear and neck. I already have an appointment for my chiropractor again and I'm fairly certain I don't have an ulcer this time but I know I should make another appointment for my ear. I'm just tired of my symptoms being treated, I want a solid answer if anyone could help me? Additionally: For pain, I am a med. marijuana patient so I avoid virtually all pharmaceuticals other than antibiotics when I have to take them. I'm fairly active, like at least an hour of cardio a week on top of yoga and strength training.

2013-06-08 21:25:10

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