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BOYS what to do in a situation like this? 10 points best answer?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me because he felt like what we were doing was wrong (religious purposes), and its been 5 months that weve been apart. couple weeks after the breakup he messaged me on facebook apologizing for what had happened, and weve been on good terms ever since. he mentioned to me that he was going to talk to me every once in a while to check up on me which he has been doing ever since then, but lately hes been texting me alot more, and by that i mean hes keeping the convo going, and our convos are beginning to last for days not for minutes like they used to. a month or 2 after our breakup i asked him over text if he would ever consider getting back together but all he said was "i cant answer that for you only time can tell that but youll know for sure one day, and just btw i swear i dont talk to any girls now nor do i have any girl in my life". like today he texting me asking for my opinion of a shoe he wanted to buy and gave me a kissy face as well. my question is why is he still texting me and somewhat flirting giving me kissy and heart faces through text, and asking for my opinion still even thought were broken up? and why is he keeping the convo going for days, but doesnt want to be with me? i just dont know what to do in this case i cant delete him off my phone thats too harsh bcuz were still talking, but i just dont understand what he wants. its hard to be friends with him, actually its impossible for me because i love him and want to be more than just a friend to him. what do i do? delete him? stop talking to him? ignore his texts? But if i stop replying to his texts he would just think im over him and move on too right? Cuz i dont want that i want him to feel as if hes losing me and want me back again

2013-06-08 21:25:22

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