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My Bunny fell..she's in shock..Help please :(?

so i have a bunny about 5 month old. i am so in love with her and she trusts me by her life. usually when she sees me she run to me jump on my lap licking me and playing with me and she sleeps on my lap always and she lets me pick her up all the time. she is never afraid of me. anyways so today i wanted to wash her feet (which is a thing i never done before) but when water touched her feet is was scared and she wanted to escape so she fell from my hand to the ground and since then she is setting alone, just sitting there with her eyes closed !! she can walk normally and every while she eats a small thing but she is scared of me and she escaping from me. So my question is why is she closing her eyes and wanting to stay alone !! is she in pain or something !! second why is she scared of me , will i gain her trust again !! Please help :(

2013-06-08 21:26:18

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