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My mascara keeps smudging! and lipstick issues.?

I am a hairdresser and I work in a salon that requires me to wear a certain amount of makeup. Our looks are meant to inspire our clients. The only thing I am inspiring is a panda. Almost immediately my mascara smudges underneath my brow (even if I look forward or down until it dries), and throughout the day my eyeshadow smudges in my eyelid crease, as well as my eyeliner smudges on the outer corner of my eyes. I use my bys concealer on my eyelids as a primer, I then set my concealer with a transluscent powder by nude by nature, packing it on with a dome brush. My eyes, even after smudging don't feel oily tothe touch, they feel matte. I use the maybelline eye studio gel liner which I love, and the yellow collosal volume mascara (not waterproof).. can't remember who makes it. My eyelashes are long and hit the skin under my brow naturally. I also use revlon color stay foundation in which I have also tried replacing the concealer with and the same thing happens.. as well as every other foundation I've owned (the one before revlon was napolean perdis china doll). Is it something I'm using that is making my eyes go walk abouts or am I missing a step in doing my makeup? Is it maybe the lack of actual eye primer, or is the powder I'm using to set not thick enough and should I swap to a mineral foundation? Or do I need waterproof mascara? I've finally mastered the art of making my foundation stay put all day (its hard staying perfect when you work 12 hr days) and now my eyes are dragging me down.. its like im constantly looking in the mirror and having to swipe my eyelids ! Also can anyone recommend any application techniques, tips and tricks or product recommendations for making lipstick last all day without it looking flaky after a while? I also don't touch my eyes other than when im touching up the smudges... :)

2013-06-17 13:53:47

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