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Should I ask her out, and how should the date go?

First question: Should I ask her out? I have known this girl for 10 years now, we go to the same school, and recently I have fallen in love with her. We chat on Facebook every day, and we occasionally give each other compliments. I know her really well as a friend, and as I said, I think we have started some casual flirting recently. I am going to see her a few times next week at school, and I am thinking about asking her out there, what do you think? Second question: If I ask her out, how should the date go? Now, this isn't only gonna be our first date together, it is going to be my first date ever, so I don't really know what to do. I was thinking taking her out for dinner, and then watch a movie at the theater? Also, should I follow her from home to the city? Should I follow her back home when the evening is done? Is it normal to kiss on a first date? Also, we are both 15 years old.

2013-06-17 13:52:58

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