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Am I still young for a woman? Men still hit on me so does that mean "I still got it" lol?

Am I an "old hag" that no man would want? Am I left on the shelf? I work with this beautiful man. Such a nice man and handsome too. He's special, good morals, friendly, etc. He has a girlfriend and I would never break them up. So in order to forget about him I'm trying to find a single guy. I'm struggling to find any that are still single at my age (27). Most of the ones i have met have been losers... I'm losing hope... I'm 27... I want a husband and kids... I'm still single... Im dating but not falling for any of them... Am I too fussy? Or should I keep waiting to meet someone special? I dont wanna wait too long cos I want babies and most men my age are already partnered up... Am I old? Even if I met the one tomorrow... 3 years of dating before he pops the question.. That makes me 30 when engaged... Then saving money... I'll be trying to get pregnant around 31-32... Even then my fertility will be not so great cos it declines with age... And! My mum had menopause at 38! And her mum at 40! So I really should be having kids NOW

2013-06-17 13:53:10

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