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Were you disillusioned discovering that Obama who who told us " yes we can "....never really could?

Were you disillusioned when you discovered that although Barack Obama told us " yes we can ".......Obama never really could ? Is it any surprise that Obama has made nothing but endless excuses for his endless failures over the past 4 1/2 years and is now saying " No I can't " instead of " yes we can " ? If Obama was honest....wouldn't he now say " I have really could, folks " ? If Obama was not endless failures over the past 4 years......wouldn't he be heralding his successes instead of still blaming Bush for Obama's Failures over 4 years after Bush left Office ? Isn't Obama still blaming Bush for Obama's Failures a co-worker blaming the person whose job they took at work 4 years ago for their own failures since the former worker left ?

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