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What is harder?... Spurs task or Heat task?

Spurs 3... Heat 2 Spurs task... Win 1/2 in Miami Heat task..... Win 2/2 at home Spurs have done well being 3-2 up, winning key Game 1 & holding home games 3/5 Heat lost 1/2 at home, regained home court but now must go home to finish the job... Question 1.... Who has tougher task? Question 2... If you could be a 12th man eg. Tracey McGrady for Spurs or Rashard Lewis from Heat..... Who would you rather be? - TMAC having Duncan & Parker to try win 1/2 on road or - Lewis having LBJ & Wade holding 2/2 @ home Question 3... Who will win? - Spurs in 6... Spurs in 7.... Heat in 7?

2013-06-17 14:00:36

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