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Christians, during my stay in New York City last summer I was confronted on the street by an Iranian man...?

flailing his arms about wildly, and screaming "atheists have stolen set my feet on fire! atheists have set my feet on fire!" I threw down my hot dog (mustard, relish and all) tripping the would be thieves, who were by this time nearly seven hundred yards away, and causing one of them to fall into an abandoned mine shaft. A small gathering congregated around me and began to sing my praises as I knelt down and gave a stray fat Pug a piece of livercheese. I ran to a subway, recounted the incident, and was on my way without further adulation. What troubled me about this incident was that the Iranian man was missing an ear lobe, and upon my investigation we concluded that he could not count past one thousand three hundred and eighty seven. Will you be contributing time or money to his cause, or is this a sensitive area for you?

2013-06-21 17:52:59

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