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Should I wait for the iPad mini 2 or buy the iPad mini now? Ipad 4?

I have enough money to buy an iPad 4 & kno plenty of ppl who are very happy with both their iPad 4 & ipad mini. I dont want the iPad 2 cuz its kinda outdated. I really want to buy the iPad mini now bcuz im in college & want somethin portable, easy to carry, & to play games on but I heard they were coming out with the ipad mini 2 & I dont want to wait. grrr!! iPad 4 is real nice too, just very expensive even though i have the money to get it bcuz my summer job tht im working. I was thinking I should buy an ipad Mini now & when I start my career I should just upgrade to like the iPad 6 lol. Which should I buy? Please dont say screw both, buy Nexus, or Galaxy blah blah blah. NO Thanks! I already decided I want an iPad

2013-06-23 03:55:10

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