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which character do you like best.?

Amber: ashy brown hair with red highlights (long straight with a few curls) ,deep brown eyes, she is kind, secretive, her sign is a Capricorn so you can learn a little more about her through that, she also has a secret, her parents died from a physcopath , and she lives with fosters. age: 16, fair skinned. a great friend Jade: dark black hair with purple highlights (long and straight) icy blue eyes, she is a loner with 1 friend (Ivy), secretive her sign is Pisces,she has a secret, her mom died and her dad is in prison for life and she lives with fosters. age: 17, extremely pale skinned. Secretive and to her self. Eclipse: black with dipped blue hair (extremely long and curly), dark blue eyes, she is funny, strong, rebellious, and has a big heart but she knows shes different when she sees the moon (isn't a werewolf), her sign is Scorpio, she has a secret, she ran away from her family to find more about herself, age: 16, Really Tan skinned, funny, a great friend, and close to nature. who do you like better as my led character in my book.

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