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Please be my angel and help me? I'm so different from the other girls in my culture?

I'm a Muslim Egyptian girl. I'm super nice and I love being around people. I'm devoted to my faith as well. Sadly, I'm VERY different and I want different things. I'm a PhD student at Yale, and I want to change the world with my books and lectures. I led a horrible childhood with an abusive father and two abusive nannies. I have abandonment issues and sadness. I'm 23 now. However, I am slowly picking up the pieces. My dream is also to find my true love whom I will marry. I want to find him so badly. But EVERY MAN in my culture and religion wants children. I don't know if I want to be a mother. My health isn't up to par, and at the same time, it wouldn't be fair for the child. I have to marry a Muslim, and it's a choice because my faith means so much to me. I've tried dating outside my culture, but even the Pakistani men want submissive wives and children. How will I ever get married then?

2013-06-24 16:09:26

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