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Abandoning my cat????

I feel really bad. I don't really have much of a life and zero confidence and having this cat has changed my life for the better, we have a very strong bond and I'm so used to talking to her (as crazy as that sounds) and I'm used to our daily routine and her always just being there. An opportunity of a lifetime for someone like me has come up, to go away to another country for a year to work I wouldn't even consider it if my mum didn't offer to look after my cat while I'm away. She loves her she loves my mum! But I still feel REALLY bad. I know people will say "she's just a cat" but I feel like she will know that I have left her with my mum and that she'll be sad or feel like I have abandoned her... I've told my mum to try and keep to her daily routine as much as possible so she will be comfortable but I just feel like an awful pet owner for putting something else first before her. Like I said, I would never give her up. I would rather miss out on this work placement than give her up. I feel horrible. I know I'll get her back, and that my mum dotes on her and will look after her properly but I still feel like the worst pet owner ever. Am I bad person?

2013-03-03 02:16:40

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