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My best friend has gone on holiday and I miss him so much?!?

Me and my best friend have been close for over a year now. We both have strong feelings for eachother but due to the timing of us admitting our feelings for eachother we can't be together at this moment in time. He's literally the closest person to me, he always makes me laugh, rings me when I'm upset (baring in mind we live 100 miles apart due to me moving) we always have a laugh when were together and we are so close. We have disagreements like an old married couple, it's honestly the best feeling ever having a relationship like I have with him and I'm hoping that it'll progress to more in the future. He's gone on holiday today and although we'll get to talk on Facebook/twitter I REALLY miss him because we talk everyday on the phone and obviously because of my feelings for him I feel sick thinking of him going off with other girls.. What can I do to keep my mind off this? He gets back next Tuesday and I get to see him on the Friday.

2013-06-25 23:44:24

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