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I just must have a lucid dream.?

Okay i really want to have a lucid dream. I have adhd I am taking Methylphenidate(Concerta) 27 MG day time and Clonidine 0.2 MG for nightly. Well i have read that Clonidine will not allow to have lucid dreams. I have also read that Concerta can cause hallucinations. I sometimes don't take the nightly one because i want to lucid dream. I cannot lay down for 2 hours straight without moving so that method will not work for me. I read that Galantamine and Choline causes lucid dreaming but i can only find Choline because Galantamine is not sold in drug stores. I have also read that Vitamin B-6 250MG causes vivid dreams but that is not sold anywhere near where i live. I have also read that Nicotine patches cause vivid dreams. I do know that Nicotine patches are sold at the local drug store. I am only 13 am i even allowed to buy Nicotine patches??? AND LIKE I DONT WANNA POISON MYSELF!!!! Why cant i just naturally have Vivid lucid dreams because im pretty sure i lucid dreamed but it was not vivid enough so it lost my interest and i became unconcious. Im gonna try just puffing an ecig tonight. What should i do and do you have other methods. Please help i am desperate!!!!!

2013-06-27 07:28:56

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