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Is this wrong of me........?

So, I've been talking to this guy who is much older than me (10 yrs) it didn't start out as anything we were just discussing books and things, then it got kind of heavy when we realized how similar we were. I've been talking to him for a while now, he treats me really well and is genuine I feel. Is it wrong that I have such strong feelings (like I've literally never felt this way before) I feel like age is just a number, but then I think about how my family would react and that scares me some. Then I talk to him some more and everything feels right with the world. Am I just crushing super hard, or is this real? I'm of legal age so it isn't illegal or anything. His personality is awesome and we are at ease with each other nothing is forced or awkward... but is it wrong I feel this way?

2013-06-27 07:26:41

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