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Help! I REALLY like this guy. Maybe even love him but I'm moving away. Please, can someone help!?

Ok well before Christmas break, I confessed my feelings to this guy. He's in my group of friends that I hang out with EVERYDAY. I had whispered it to him before I left on my bus. And when we got back from Christmas break, he acted like it didn't happen. So I asked him if he liked me. He told me that he liked me, and that he didn't mind at all. (Didn't mind? I don't know what he meant by that) then I said that I actually thought he disliked me, he was baffled and said what? Why? And I laughed and said I don't know. Then the bell rang so I left. After that, a week and a half went by and he had avoided me, ignored me through it all. It was killing me. I tried talking to him, but the look on his face always discouraged me to continue the conversation. He made it seem like I ruined everything. So one day i left to wait for my bus instead of staying with our group after school like I always did. Which I guess they found to be quite odd cause they kept texting me, asking if something was wrong. I said everything was fine. Then HE showed up and stood about three feet away, next to me. Pure silence was all there was for about 10 mins until I just let it out. I asked him if he meant what he had said. He asked what? I asked if he really meant what he said about liking me. He said he really did...but he wasn't here THAT. I just smiled and said I wasn't expecting anything to happen. You know that right? He said now I do. Then I had to leave. After that. We were friends again but not exactly the same. We didn't ignore each other but we were not the same. I felt it. So I decided to give up. I really did try though. I tried being cheerful, so he wouldn't feel intimidated (a lot of guys call me that) but to no avail. So it hurt but i had to let him go. We're both in 11th grade and he's the 1st guy I ever wanted to be with. To hug, kiss. I used to be repulsed by all that. But now my heart beats so fast just by him sitting next to me or whenever our eyes meet. Now my mother told me that we're moving. I hate the idea of going to that last dance our school has at the end of the year but I want to ask him to it. He never goes to those type of things so I'm afraid he'll say no. He doesn't know I'm moving. I want my first kiss to be with him before I leave..I think I really do love him. Should I just kiss him? It's my first. I don't know if it's his. And if I do, how should I do it? I don't know the first thing about kissing. And I want to do it some time before the dance, so I can see if maybe the kiss will show whether it'd be a good idea to even ask him to the Please??

2013-03-03 10:38:50

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