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Am I eating too much? Suggestions on improving my diet?

So a couple years ago I used to mindlessly snack throughout the day and night and eat large portions at meals. I used to also drink a ton of soda. I lost some weight, and then ended up with an eating disorder and always starved myself during the week, like less than 800 calories a day. And during the weekends I binged, like 3000+ calories a day. I started recover a couple months ago, and I feel like I finally figure it out. I lightly count calories now, as not to relapse and go back to eating nothing. Could you critique my diet? I eat between 1800-3000 calories a day. 1800 being a perfect day, 3000 being like going out and stuff. According to several calculators, I should eat 1900 for weight loss and around 2800 to maintain. This is taking into exercise, which I do 5-6 days a week. Good workouts too. But anyways, I've had to teach myself that it's not all or nothing. Like if I go out and get something or make on the unhealthy side, I will compensate in other areas throughout the day. Like eat light all my other meals, healthy snacks, etc. If all my meals are pretty clean and healthy, then I will treat myself to a couple snacks throughout the day. Like a serving size of ice cream or chips. Not the whole bag or carton! And I still drink soda (cut way back though), but I keep it strictly diet with regular on special occasion. I've gotten good at when I go to a restaurant, only eating half. This isn't great just for my health, but also my wallet since I get two meals out of it! Great especially on a student's budget. Like today at work we had Chipotle, so I got a burrito bowl (no tortilla!) which is like 900 calories. But I only had half at lunch, and I'm going to have the rest tonight for dinner. :) Am I doing okay? I'm trying to not deprive myself, yet still keep the calories at or below maintenance, with the occasional splurge.

2013-07-03 04:39:48

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