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Hi, I'm 17 yr old male , and i'm in college... Past 6months i liked a girl and we became friends..We shared everything about our problems, about everything.. I confessed my feelings just after 2 months of friendship and she said "lets see what happens in future", she introduced me to her friends and her sis.... It was soo amazing but from last month her behaviour got changed, she don't text me, replies my phone calls, i tried to talk to her but she says nothing happened, i proposed her again and it came out to be negative answer.. *I JUST FALLED TOO DEEP IN THE FRIENDZONE* Now, i think i'm falling for her best friend, she'snot that good looking girl, but she always use to stay alone with a sad face... I asked her on text"I heard a boy likes you and you're both in an relation" she replied "Nah, whom should i like or love, if someone loves me that wow its amazing"... We usualy text a little-no texting.. Just 2-3 msgs. If i ever text "hi", she replies "what?" ... But sometimes she stares at me in college.... I dont know if she likes me, butshould i give a try on her? I never actualy asked about her before to herself, the only topic was about the previous girl i used to like.... Is there anything wrong i'm doing??

2013-07-03 04:44:25

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