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Does this mean my family wont attend my wedding???(if i ever get married)?

Ok so today my brother and mom said they dont support gay marriage but agree that gay couples can live together. This bothers me because im gay(still in the closet) and i dont know if they will attend mine if i ever do get married. I know that my sister probably supports it and that one of my brothers doesnt really care for it but my mom,dad, and 2 brothers dont agree on it. I wrote on facebook that i supported gay marriage and my brothers went crazy on me. One asked me if i was gay and said if i was that i was a disgrace and the old one just told me that i "write f***** statuses" and called me one! I was so mad because it doesnt affect them at all! Does this mean part of my family wont attend my wedding??? I was planning on coming out but i got all these negative things out of it so im just going to wait until i can survive on my own.

2013-07-03 04:46:14

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