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Had a very INSANE dream. Psychopathic dream?

me and my friend were in school and trying to buy pot. I gave my friend 20$ and he spent it on something else. So the next day I approached him while he was sitting at lunch and kicked him in the face. He stood up and started crying. I left, and me and friend did find pot and smoked it in the bathroom. Security busted in and took all of it away and gave us refferalls. My friend insisted on getting more. So we hid in the basket court with some people and smoked with them. A teacher walked in, and my friend beat her up. She ran to the school police and they raided the basket courts beating my friend. I was arrested and had to do the walk of shame. I told a joke to the cop and he let me go. All the girls started flirting with me because I got arrested. Then I woke up. Why am I dreaming this stuff??

2013-07-07 17:46:52

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