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What confusing signs am I getting from this? Please read on and share your thoughts?

So I am 24, I have been single for 2 years and I am gay. Recently, I went to a club and met a guy. He was nice and from strangers we became instant friends and ended up KISSING on the dancefloor. Was a long real french kiss. That lit some emotions in me. I thought things would be awkward and I won't see him again but turns out we did hang out the next day. A week later I realised I liked him (not love yet). And I got some good vibes and told him I liked him. I was nervous of his reaction but turns out he said "I like you too. And I thought it was impossible for you to like me back". So we mutually share the "liking". Later on the next day, gosh things kinda changed. He rarely texted and replies late. Not the usual chats and when we meet he is fine with me but avoids most eye contact. I know it is fast and im not hoping for a relationship with him that early but its weird...why the awkwardness? It is confusing. He says we need to find chemistry since we already like one another but then if he rarely chats now and we dont meet much, how do we create chemistry? Ok and when we meet he does hold my hand and flirt which is ok. But still I am confused. and most of the time, I START THE TEXTS AND CALLS. Oh wait, he never did after the confession....oh gosh. Please do advice.. What shall I do?

2013-07-07 17:44:18

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