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I cant control my anger, i cant maintain a good relationship with others.what to do?

I cant control my anger. I get angry by little things that irritate me and lash out on someone, dont care about that someones feelings at all. My mom, dad and siblings. I dont talk to my siblings anymore. I chose to not talk to them to stop hurting them further. I also dont talk to my father for almost 4yrs now because i hate him. Only my mom talks to me but today i got really angry, i dont want to be angry with her because shes sick so im controling it somehow...i just told her, "i dont want to get angry with you, will you just stop talking to me so i wont be able to hurt you? Its easier like that.." I think it stems from my childhood because whenever i did something wrong my father chains me outside our house while our neighbors looks at me laughing, bullying...and i saw my mother, i said "help me get out of here, please" she just looked at me with a blank face telling me "you deserve that, its your fault" then, left me there out in the open...chained, crying while i neighbors look at me and laugh or feel sorry for me. I started to resent.that scene .is repeating in my mind, always. Whenever i remember that i cry or get really angry. I hate the fact that theyre acting like nothing happened in the past. P.S. there are countless times i got beaten outside our house whenever i did something wrong.

2013-08-08 14:58:12

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