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Should I get a lawyer for a reckless driving ticket.?

I am a first time offender of getting a reckless driving/ speeding ticket. I just recently was driving on 64 and I was following my friend to Kings Dominion, He was pulling away from me, I wasn't watching my speed at the time and was going 60 in a 65 while he was doing 70 in a 65. I lost sight of him and accelerated my vehicle and I still couldn't see him so I pushed it a little more. I came around a bend and there was a State Police Officer hiding under the bridge. I got clocked at 84/65 but because it is over 80 mph, it is counted out as reckless in the state of Virginia. I found out while I was sitting there waiting that I was only 3 miles away from the exit to Kings Dominion >.< Should I get a lawyer to try and get the charges reduced. I am in the National guard and Commute to ODU, so if I lose my license it would not end well for me. Should I get a Lawyer?

2013-08-08 14:56:10

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