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Chemistry homework help?!?

We are doing a chemical prac on Friday we must identify several different solutions which have had the labels taken of. We have to identify... Solids of BaCl(2), Zn(NO3)2, Na(2)CO(3), CaCO(3) randomly labelled as W,X,Y,Z Solutions available to us are: BaCl(2) HCl, H(2)SO(4), CuSO(4), NaCl, AgNO(3), ZnSO(4), BaCl(2), NaI, Na(2)CO(3), Pb(NO3)(2), KOH, Zn(NO3)2 and CaCO(3) We can get a majority of solid metals but no solutions as we can only use thoes we have been given. Water and heat are also available to us. Please help me with the steps! What do I do and what do I need?!

2013-08-08 14:53:40

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