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Someone used checks with my name help?

I opened an account with TCF and they said there where going to send checks but there where gonna charge so I went to check my account and said they didn't charge so 2 weeks later I get a call from a Mexican store and they said they had checks 600 dollars each and he said if I could come in so I did because I was confused and shocked so I got there and he asked for my ID and I gave it to him and he said he was taking me to court and I keeped denying that wasn't me and we almost fought so I went to the police station Nd told the police and they where gonna make me a report but the officer said to go back and ask for a copy of the check and a copy of the video so I went but the guy gave me the check and I asked for the video and he said the cameras where not working that day and I asked again and he said that they where off. Ima be honest the signature looks just exactly like my ID but I still never got my checks but I worked for companies and cashed my checks in the store but the guy or the owner never asked for ID so can I still get him Introuble cuz he never asks for ID and I seen it with my own eyes. But plz help or give me advice.

2013-08-28 04:21:12

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