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my ex girlfriend initiated contact the day after i did?

ok so my ex and i broke up like 4 days ago and about two days later i texted her asking her if she was ready for the first day of school ( i know this might have been a mistake but she actually replied and asked me if i was).... so then the next day in the morning she sent me the (y) sticker through facebok chat which i didnt see until about 8 in the afternoon when i got on facebook and i sent her another sticker the one with the smiley face and she asked me how my day was and we had a small conversation until it was time to sleep. why would she be texting me back and even her initiating contact?? ive been trying to move on but this makes it harder and honestly i still like her alot but im not sure if she still does btw i havent seen her in school but i know shes there cause my friends have told me theyve seen her walking around and one of my bestfriends that she knows hes my bestfriend told me he saw her like kinda looking around him as if she was looking for me. any help appreciated and please no rude comments

2013-08-28 04:22:15

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