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How can me and my friend talk to eachother about us being gay?

Ok so I've posted many questions on here about one of my friends and the reasons I think he is gay....last night was the final straw and here is what happened....please leave your advice on what to do next....I'm too last might we were both at a friends house with a couple if people and we ended up watching a movie....if course we both ended up on the same beanbag....Many things occurred during this movie....for starters we played footsie A LOT...secondly he started to let let me rub/scratch his and back under his shirt...this is all bring done secretly in front if everyone....this was going on for a while and eventually I wanted to take it further by sticking my fingers down his boxers and start rubbing his ***...with little hesitation he continued as normal, and I eventually started to go up and down his body scratching and rubbing anyplace my hand could find. He was rubbing me sometimes and even stuck his hand down my backside but for not as long...I could tell he was kinda nervous. So my question is.... 1-do you think he's gay? Cause I don't know many straight people that do what we do 2-how can I flirt some more and confront him about our relationship

2013-08-28 04:23:50

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