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IPhone screen repair gone wrong?

I got my iPhone 4 repaired for 80$ and really up set with the screen. It doesn't look like an iPhone screen. It looks very cheap to be honest. It doesn't look like an iPhone. I compared it to all my friends iPhones (all of them have one.) and they all agreed that it doesn't look the same. I was kinda more happy with the cracked screen, it looked better. The contrast is off and there is a blue tent to the screen. I'm hoping its just the place that I went to or if its going to look this way unless I pay the 200$ at apple to get it redone completely. And another problem I had was that when you press on the corners the screen kinda looks as if you pressed really hard on a calculator screen, it looks distorted. Is this gonna be this way every where or should I try some where new.

2013-03-06 18:33:59

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