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a few questions for a trade?

Here is how my lineup is now QB-VICK RB-MCCOY RB-AP WR-PERCY WR-CRUZ WR-MARSHALL FLEX-SYDNEY RICE TE-VERNON DAVIS K-CROSBY DEF-PACKERS Here are trades I have been offered today By the same team I was offered Roddy White for McCoy or Mike Wallace for McCoy By another team I was offered Ryan Matthews for Brandon Marshall If I did this I could get Roddy White and trading Marshall for mathews would cancel me getting White....But I think the way McCoy has been playing Mathews is an upgrade from McCoy.... Do you agree or not New Lineup would be QB- VICK RB- MATTHEWS RB- AP WR- WHITE or WALLACE WR- CRUZ WR- PERCY FLEX- SYDNEY RICE/STEVEN JACKSON/ OR MCGAHEE TE- VERNON DAVIS DEF- PACKERS So would you do both trades...just one of the trades...which one? Give me your reasons ALSO NOTE THAT THE PERSON WANTING TO TRADE WHITE OR WALLACE WILL BE 5-1 AFTER THIS WEEK AND I WILL BE 4-2 AND WE PLAY EACHOTHER NEXT WEEK...WINNER WILL BE IN 1ST

2012-10-16 01:59:23

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