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Dog breeds that match this MORE INFORMATION?

my mum dont really want a dog so im trying to find breeds that match this so i can tell my mum good things and why its best to have this breed because of why she doesnt want a dog. i have come up with chihuahua but she doesnt like chihuahua. the reasons chihuahua 1. its a small dog that normally likes sitting on doesnt need to much exercise and isnt one of those dogs that runs around too much. 2. its very small so wouldnt really be that cruel if i left it in my room with me about half of the day. when my mum goes to work (about 8am - 3pm and one day more than that) i will let it go around the house. sometimes she will go out for a few hours after work. and on weekends she might go out for a few hours and she knows it cruel so would probably go in her room or let me have it going around the house for a few hours. 3. not sure if its true but i heard that they are more of a one person dog. 4. if my mum doesnt think i can walk 2 dogs it wouldnt be cruel if i didnt walk it as long as i let it run in the garden for about 30 minutes or more. 5. even though i know my dog actually is good with big dogs i want to be on the safe side. 6. small dog and doesnt normally run around the house to much and my bedroom is a good size for a chihuahiua and it would be about half the day. 7. i LOVE hugs and chihuahua will just sit on you and its one of those ones you can just carry around. but if it wants to be put down i will and if it doesnt i will put it down anyway because its a dog not a teddy bear. i do this with my kitten i will carry him for a little bit. so if i wanted to come down satirs to get something or watch tv with my mum i can caryy it or teach it to go were i tell it to and it can sit on/next to me. the only thing is they bark a lot. things it will HAVE to have 1. be small 2. can be left in a room (with someone) about half the day. 3. little exercise or can be fine with small garden. 4. one of those dogs that will sit on you and doesnt mind being picked up and held. 5. fine with getting not as much attention than the other pets from the adults as long as i give it loads and it does get some. one of my parents will probably fall in love with it so it will probably not get much from just one person. 6. fine with other dogs and cats or will be if introduced when young. 7. dont bark much 8. grooming doesnt matter 9. easy to train but again doesnt really matter 10. good with children. i have a little sister i see sometimes and she told me she was scared of small dogs because one bit her. thats it really. my mum said she doesnt want another animal running around the house but i THINK i have worked it out. what do you think? any other breeds? if your child worked all of this out and looked up breeds and stuff would you get it? MORE INFORMATION because people cant read i SOMETIMES see my sister. (and if your stupid meaning i DONT live with her) people that dont have dogs answered and if they do then poor dogs. walking is for exercise if you let your dog run around the garden and it gets the exercise it needs it CAN be all right. its the breed. MOST small dogs dont need much walking (like 20 minute walk) and MOST big dogs need lots of walking like 40 minutes or more. why do you think i said if the dog doesnt want to be put down i WILL put it down because its NOT a teddy bear. because i want to carry it everywhere? NO because im not one of these stupid people who think they can carry it every where and it doesnt get exercise or treated like an actual dog. dont people put there dogs in a cage when they leave for work/school? so if THATS not cruel how is keeping it in a room the same amount of time cruel. also what some people do. i dont think i made this clear. my mum KNOWS that you cant keep a dog in a room all the time so even if shes not at work or out of the house she will probably let it out and it will become a few hours a day and bed time its in my room. by grooming doesnt m

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