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what things need to do to become a hacker?

seriously i am a beginner i always be on i wanted to hack a game site "its a game that let to create avatars and let play its a chatter game" i wanted to hack it because there are 15 people that have hacked it and they have many fame and its not only the reason i mean i love computers and many people send me spam folders with a virus i wanna send them to or hack their email account but seriously i suck at hacking i am 13! i need some steps and videos if you know or any site. i wanted to send a virus to my friends computer " i am pretty sure she don't mind and i will tell her too" so i wanted to hack her computer and like sees what site she open and everything her computer does and idea how to do this steps for it to?? Thx and if any software or any Program needed just add URL of the site so i can download it :)

2013-03-06 18:35:37

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