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Is this normal to be thinking about the future?

I'm almost 24 yrs old and in final year of university. Usually I have these feelings about things before they are going to happen, and usually they do happen. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment and I only broke up with my ex a couple of months ago, which makes this one even weirder. I now have this feeling that I'm going to be getting married and starting a family soon and that I will be happy, problem is at the moment it's more of a nervous feeling and it's like I'm reluctant to accept what could happen in the future. I know it's weird to be thinking like this, but it wont go away and is making me go through annoying emotions that I don't want. Does this make me weird or crazy? Has anyone else gone through something like this? Do I just have to face these emotions? Why am I feeling this way when I'm not even in a relationship yet? Opinions please. Thanks in advance.

2013-03-06 18:32:25

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