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How to tell if a football (soccer) shirt is fake?

Hi, I ordered a football shirt from eBay that was 35 dollars (20 quid) and it came today. The seller was based in Canada but the packaging was from China. Alarm bells starting ringing in my head. So I opened it and it looked really good but I'm not 100% if it's fake but I'm pretty sure it is since it's from China. I have a 2011/12 shirt. (They're both Real Madrid) I noticed these different features. The one I know that is real has.. That rubber thing on the bottem right. It's made in Vietnam The team crest isn't sewn. It says Real Madrid just below the neck. The "fake" one. No rubber thing on the bottem right. Made in Thailand (isn't that an island off of China?) A few lose threads. The crest is sewn. However, the LFP badge feels the same and is as thick as the real one. I have a fake Barca top and the LFP badge is thin and obviously fake. Any thoughts?

2013-03-06 18:33:42

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