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Vintage Fashion Survey?

1.Do you like Vintage inspired Contemporary clothing? Yes No Maybe 2.What is your age? a)18-20 b)21-30 c)30-40 d)Older____________________________________ 3.What is your annual income? a)20,000-35,000 b)36,000-55,000 c)56,000-75,000 d)More____________________________________ 4.What fabrics are you most comfortable wearing? a)Cotton b)Silk c)Polyester blends d)Spandex e)Other ___________________________________ 5.How much would you be willing to spend on contemporary vintage inspired dresses? a)Under $50 b)$51-100 c)$101-200 d)More than 200 6.Would you wear vintage clothing that is inspired by ethnic culture from other countries? Yes No Maybe 7.Would you wear urban mix of Asian prints? Yes No Maybe 8.If so, which item of clothing would you most like to see these prints on? a)Skirt b)Top c)Jacket d)Dress e)Shorts 9.Which vintage inspired brands/labels/shops do you like/ shop at? a)Nasty Gal b)Pink Martini c)Ruche d)Modcloth e)Elroy f)Dear creatures g)Other_____________________________________ 10.What attracts you most to a garment at first look? a)Color b)Texture (fabrics like silk, cotton, etc.) c)Silhouette d)Pattern e)(for dresses and skirts) Length f)Other______________________________________ 11.Do you prefer high waistbands or low waistbands for pants and skirts a)High waistbands b)Low waistbands 12.Which length do you prefer for skirts and dresses? a)Above the knee b)Below the knee c)Ankle length d)To the floor 13.Which colors would you prefer to wear? a)Pastel/ Neutral colors b)Bold colors c)Mix of both

2012-10-16 02:09:40

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