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I'm coughing up blood? What do I do?

think I have a virus, and I spat in the sink yesterday and there was a glob of blood not small specks. So the dr said that he didn't know what was causing it but it was probably the trauma from coughing. So it carried on every time I coughed and then I woke up this morning and accidentally coughed out what looked like clotted blood. It was hard and dark red. It's quite a lot but its mixed with mucas. I'm kinda scared cause its blood and not nice to be coughing it up, my mums very advanced medically but not in that subject so it's not very comforting. What do I do? And how do I stop it? Please! Thanks x p.s this isn't very grammatically correct, sorry I was typing very fast

2013-09-02 15:12:20

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