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I feel like my life is stuck and it has been for years I do so much but not sure how to get it going again?

Over 5 years ago I had a bad car accident and broke many bones suffered a severe head injury. I've made a great recovery but in the aftermath my life changed forever. I lost my long term boyfriend and except my family everyone I knew left me over the next year or two some quietly others shouting and roaring. I do accept how I am now and I try to forget about the people who let me down. I live in another country now as this is where the accident happened its also where I moved for my ex. I stay here as it happened here I get benefits here. I am still out of work but I do volunteer. I have made some nice new friends and that's good but its hard to find suitable work but I do get money so can manage. I really want to meet someone special, i don't want to just hook up with guys for the night but that seems to be what most want. I hate dating sites so please don't recommend them I work out and help out by volunteering in a couple of places I go to different clubs and other social groups but not sure what else I can do to feel like I have a full life again. I'm just sick of how things are I just want to get more from life than this once again. Now I dream of meeting someone and starting a family with them but I am a few years into my 30s now and I feel the clock ticking.i do so much but nothing happens what else can I do

2013-09-02 15:22:15

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