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Is it safe to house two male Greek Tortoises together?

Hi. I've had a Greek Tortoise since I was one years old, and he's been alone all these years. I have four other pets besides him, two fish, a guinea pig and a white-lined sphinx moth and he hasn't been getting all the attention he used to get, and seems sort of tired and lonely. I was thinking of getting him a companion since he's so lonely and seeing that it can be unsafe to house two tortoises of different species together, I was wondering if two male Greek Tortoises could be housed together. Now, previously I had read that male Guinea Pigs and Hamsters can be extremely territorial around one another if housed together, so I wanted to know if male Greek Tortoises are equally territorial. My parents and I don't want to risk getting a female, since we could have eggs and baby tortoises, which we might be able to handle, but don't want to risk having too many little tortoises. Also, if we end up having to only be able to consider getting a female, how many eggs could she lay if she does have babies? Thanks.

2013-09-02 15:16:39

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