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how can i get out of being so wary of him?

well i really like this guy and i'd love to be his girlfriend but he says im not intimate enough or dominant enough. I never call him first because im scared he will mind, i never text him first as i think if he wanted to talk he would and he'll be busy and he may mind and when were together im the same. I just hesitate with everything, like i wont hold his hand incase he minds, i wont just hig or kiss him or sit on him incase it bothers him, why am i like this with him? and how can i stop thinking and acting in this way? also, how can i overcome being like this over text, i was about to call him first last night when he called me and i called him first when he text me but that doesn't really count as he had text me and then i called me please.

2013-09-02 15:19:15

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