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SOS Major high school boys problem!!?

Homecomming is in a couple weeks. We are both 15. Today he asked me if i could help him make a decition. He doesnt know who to take to homecomming. Theres me and another girls. So we met two weeks ago, we french kissed twice, hung out , went to the fair, held hands, he kissed my hand. He knew her for three years. We all go to different schools. He was saying that he would love to go with me but he cant decide. He likes us both aparently. We were both crying while talking bout this. He said that he doesnt think of dating her. So why the **** go to homecomming with her? Is he really choosing her ober me? We kissed, they didnt. It hurts my feeling that he might take her. He said he just wants to have fun at the dance. But its still a date. Plus he asked me a week ago if i wanted to be his gf and i said we should get to know each other better. No rude comments im really sensitive. He does feel bad that he made me cry and said that he might not even go at all. I cant believe this becuase i thought he would go with me. We text everyday and talk about dreams to eachother and etc.

2013-09-10 13:19:57

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