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If the person you love disrespects you can cheating on them change their ways?

There's this girl I am deeply in love with but she lies to me and cheats on me. I've known this girl for a year and I do see her trying to change for me and stop doing immature things like that but I've also tried everything I could think of to try and make this relationship work. I know I would be very disrespectful if I cheated on her and i might loose trust but the only reason I come to this conclusion is because if I do break up with her, and cheat on her I feel like it would make her think about why I did cheat on her and she would really start to stop disrespecting me so much and stop with the lies and cheating because she knows that i could easily leave her life because i have other people to go to also and knows that I am a trustworthy person, I never lie to her. I always tell her the truth and it will make her think about things and she will to want to change for me so she doesn't loose me. Could this work out? It might sound crazy but this is something I have never done before and this is comming to the last option before I just completely stop speaking to her. Can someone please help me out? If cheating won't make her realize what she could loose should I simply just stop speaking to her? I am really confused as to if this would work out or not if anyone has any personal experience with cheating on their loved one and them actually stop disrespecting you please tell. Maybe she feels like she has me under control and she can do whatever she wants and I won't do anything because I won't cheat on her? Maybe I need to show her that I can move on to scare her into respecting me more? Please any opinions appreciated

2013-09-10 13:29:31

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