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Why is the 1967 film Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again unofficial James Bond films?

Was this just coming from Eon Productions, which became the mainstream's misconception? Isn't it that a former boss of Cubby Broccoli named "Charles K. Feldman" acquired the rights to Casino Royale from Ian Fleming himself, while Eon Productions got the rights to every other novel? Therefore, given authority, shouldn't that make the spoof still officially a Bond film? As for NSNA, since under the rule of the court, Lord Justices Waller, Fox and May officially granted McClory the licence to make the film, since the idea of Thunderball was made by McClory, Whittingham, and Fleming, in that particular order (as decided by the High Court in London). Therefore, is it unfair of calling their films, "unofficial?"

2013-09-10 13:35:39

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