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Is he just being nice or interested?

My allergists talks to me with hours, asks about my life, even personal life, give me lot of advises about life and stuff. He even told me that I am an attractive girl. He teases me and then smiles. And he winks with both eyes when I leave. Also he asks others to leave his room when I come in. But I noticed that he sees his patients when there are still other doctors in his room. Now my treatment is over but he told me that I can see him FOR FREE if I'll need someone to listen to me. He thinks I am depressed but it's not true. He even told me that he can be my trash can which sounds really confusing and sarcastic. He seems like a good person so I am planning to see him today. Will I look stupid if I visit him to just to talk as he told me? Or he was just being nice?

2013-09-10 13:37:49

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