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Can casinos cheat at blackjack?

I have played blackjack for 30 years and know all the strategies. I don't count cards. If the game is fair, I can sit at a blackjack table for 6 hours and break even. My wife and I went to Hollywood Casino in Charles Towns, WV. We played at two different 15.00 minimum bet tables. I won 4 out of 30 hands and we left. I have NEVER lost that many hands of blackjack in my life. Everyone was losing. Not just me. I go to Vegas all the time and get bored because after sitting at the table for 6 hours I'm dead even. I don't know how, but his Casino cheats at blackjack. They use 8 decks and have automatic shufflers. I'm guessing is they remove a certain number of face cards.

2013-09-10 13:48:46

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