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How did I know the picture of a persn without knowing his name?

I was reading an article and the name "Richard Branson" came along. He had nothing to do with the article, he was just a random example, Saddam Hussien would fulfill the exam pleas well. Meaning that the article wasn't about Virgin or about millionaires or anything it was completely random. As soon as I saw Richard Branson, I hhighlightedit and it gets automatically pasted in the google search toolbar and then press search. Within this one second, I knew who is Richard Branson. I was like "Oh the blonde long hair dude that owns virgin or something, and his picture came to my mind." Now if you came a few seconds before I saw his name and ask me what is the name of the blonde dude that owns Virgin company, I would say that I remember his face clearly, but I have no freakin idea what so EVER! what his name was. Give me 10 hours trying to remember it and I would never remember it, cause I never bothered to remember it, so I didn't even forget it in the first place. So how do our brains do that? How did I connect so fast a name I totally don't know with a picture? Did my brain automatically recall the picture when it saw the name? so in my subconscious I know the name, but I simply can't take it out?

2013-09-15 20:03:52

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