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How to do Natural Makeup?

Okay so I usually wear foundation, blush, powder, bronzer all that and I love the way it looks. Like it covers all my blemishes. When I say natural makeup I mean for my eyes. I honestly do not think it looks good on me. I like darker purple eyeshadow in the corner and crease with a light brown to blend it out then I have a black winged (thick) eyeliner and I like it like that. Then I wear false eyelashes because I cannot put on mascara because it screws up my eyes. I get ALOT of compliments on my makeup but everyone says I should wear like more neutral colors like browns like ive tried them out and I just don't like the way the look on me.. I think it's because I'm really white I mean REALLY white or I just like darker eyes. I don't use drugstore products I buy from ULTA or sephora. How can I start looking better with neutral eyeshadow colors?

2013-09-15 20:10:21

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