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Was he just being nice to me or flirting?

At the checkout a notebook I was purchasing didn't have a barcode on it, only a sticker which said $6. There appeared to be no barcode so I asked 'no barcode?' and he said 'nup nothing'. He got his item book or whatever to look up the price and I said 'I'm pretty sure it's $6 as there were a few others that were stickered the same' he then said 'I think $6 is too much' and I said 'is it?'. He then asked 'how much should I give this to you for, what do you think I should give you this for?' blah blah blah...all the while in a friendly manner. Anyway, he ended up giving it to me for $4 instead of $6 even though i'm pretty sure it was $6, which I thought was very nice. Was he just being nice or flirting? Ps. I looked pretty badd without any make up on... Thanks for your answers. :)

2013-09-15 20:10:46

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