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Fluid In Ears/ Ear Infection?

I've been sick for weeks with a cold. About 2 weeks ago I developed an ear infection. A week ago today I went to the ER (couldn't stand the pain anymore). He said it wasn't an ear infection; that I just had alot of fluid in it and it was raw. (However, he was the dumbest and most douchebag dr ever.) He wouldn't give me anything for pain, but gave me ear drops which are neomycin/polymyxin/hydrocortisone. Like I said, it's been a week and it has not gotten better. It is my right ear that's affected. I can barely hear anything out of it. It's constantly ringing. And it hurts SOOOO bad. What can I do to help it drain faster and for pain? I have a high tolerance for pain meds so Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc does nothing. Lortabs/perocets don't even do anything for me. I've tried a TON of home remedies but NOTHING is helping. And can someone tell me about how long this is going to last? Thanks so much!

2013-09-15 20:10:57

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