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Need advice please!!! NO ANSWERS!!!! :(?

We're both Indian and 22 years old. I have this guy friend who I met at the mall for a ice cream back in december 2012. My mom got upset and she yelled at me over the phone, and she also threatened him that she will tell his parents and call the police. After that he said to me he wants to come with me to my parents clothing store at the mall. He came with me and over there my mom asked him his parent's occupation, major, gpa? He lives with his parents live in apartment and his dad is a truck driver, and his mom works in post office. I live with my parents in a house and my parents have a clothing store at mall. My mom started saying to me that aren't you ashamed you like a guy who's dad is a truck driver? Right now he's a senior in college and he's going to go medical school in California. Then I went to medical in May 2013 I'm a first year medical student in Cincinnati because I graduated 1 year earlier than him. I like him as potential life partner. My mom says to me that you are stupid that you still talk to him over the phone even when she yelled at him. I don't know when I will meet him maybe when I'm done with medical school. Also I'm not perfect either I was born premature with a shunt and he knows that he respects me. He added me on Skype and we skype for 30mins. I called him on his birthday he and texted me on my birthday which was after we got in trouble. I honestly don't know does he like me as friend or more? I heard that people who been friends over certain period of time change. I have a feeling that once I'm a doctor she will agree. But I feel like I will be rejected by him in the future when the time comes. He did have a gf before about 2 years ago. She left him for a richer guy and now their together for 2 years. I know that he's not looking for a relationship because he concentrating getting into medical school. I like him I don't care if he's poor.I know the timing is different I'm already in medical school and he's not yet till next year.

2013-09-15 20:09:14

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